In 1968, George A. Romero made a film that would not only change the future of horror films…

…and not only change the future of independent filmmaking…

…and not only inspire an entire pop culture phenomenon represented today by some of the largest conventions in the world…

…but he created a creature that is known to day as arguably the scariest… and most popular in the world…

The Modern Zombie.

Now his son, George Cameron Romero is telling the story that’s haunted him since he saw his dad’s inaugural zombie installment (at far too young an age).

Origins is the story of one man’s quest to save humanity before humanity knew it needed to be saved.

In 1962, Dr. Ryan Cartwright was on the scientific and altruistic path to find a way for humans to sustain life in the event of Mutual Assured Destruction.

Little did he know that over the course of the next several years of his life, he would take a well-funded and military journey to the darkest corners of the world… and his mind as he creates the ultimate weapon for the government and a curse that will plague mankind for the rest of days.

His creation would prove to be an unstoppable force capable of anything and controllable at the will of their creator.

His friend will become his enemies and his enemies will raise the stakes to achieve victory at all costs.

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With a project like Origins, it seems only right to take the power of the project directly to the fans of my dad’s work.  That said, it seems only fair to give the fullest experience I possibly can for that support and involvement in this project.  That’s where the idea for online production diaries came from.

I plan to document the entire process of getting this film from the script to the screen and use it not only as a production diary for those of you who showed your support for Origins, but also as a practical educational resource for those interested in entering the world of independent film production as a producer/writer/director.

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